Something Beautiful: Meadham Kirchhoff SS13

Take roughly 4 minute out of your day to watch this beautiful catwalk show from Meadham Kirchhoff for their SS13 ‘Cautionary Tale’ collection.

I love the eccentricity, the mash-up of Marie Antoinette/ 80’s vibes and all the BOWS!!

Meadham Kirchhoff never disappoint me, they always bring a pastelly tinge of joy to my day. I dream of owning something by them one day!

In the meantime though I shall start scheming on how I can incorporate these looks into my current wardrobe. I have a pastel yellow vintage dress and a flower crown I made out of a children’s headband, some artificial flowers and some ‘No More Nails’ (there is a good tutorial here from Rookie!). I think that’s a good start! Now all we need is warmer weather!

What do you think of this collection? Does it inspire you?

What I’m Going To Blog About..

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things I’d like to blog about. Please tell me if any ideas grab your attention or if some are steaming piles of pap..


Etsy Picks – I’ll show you my favourite things for sale on Etsy. 

Japan Facts – Stuff i’ve learnt about japan. Weird stuff, interesting stuff, everyday stuff. 

My Harajuku Shopping Guide – my guide to the best shops in the best shopping district in the world!

Stuff We Forgot – Terrible and awesome things from the past/ my childhood that most people forgot about  but are well worth writing at least a paragraph of garbage about now. 

If I Owned This.. – Examples of how I would wear something im lusting after using the glory of polyvore collages

Geek Out – Something I am geeking out on. Let me clarify… I become momentarily obsessed with things on a regular basis. These obsessions usually last a week at best. I will blog about them in the vain attempt to make them more valid.

Outfit posts – go on then, if I have to!

This Lives In My House – I will choose a thing in my house, and tell you a story of where its from, what it does, how I came to own it.

Someone Got Paid To Design That – A suggestion from an Instagram follower… Photos of truly horrific clothes, objects and more that people actually got paid to design.

Terrific Textiles – Another Instagram suggestion.. photos of beautiful textiles, modern and vintage.


Please, Please, PLEASE do tell me if you have an idea for anything you want to see!

I’m on instagram and twitter as katykamikaze

Get On With It!

I’m Kate, Some call me Katy.

I started a Tumblr blog about 2 years ago, where I posted pictures of the outfits I cobbled together, I called it ‘igetdressedinthemorning’ and whilst I loved the simplicity, I found I couldn’t post long rambling rants about other aspects of my life or the sweets I had shovelled in my face that day. Tumblr is for pictures kids, not much else.

So here I am, on WordPress, starting again. There will be more than just outfit posts on here.. In fact, there will probably be less outfit posts. Here you will find style posts, travel diaries, handpicked items from internet land, tutorials, silly videos and more snippets of my life.

But who ARE you?

I am a 25 year old woman (girl? probably a girl)

I like to dress however the hell I want. Some people have a problem with this. They are idiots.

I love tattoos.. I’m something of a tattoo geek.

I appreciate awesome handmade stuff. I also like to make things myself.

Travelling to different towns, cities and countries excites me. I am OBSESSED with Japan and Japanese culture, I have been to Japan three times and will share various anecdotes at any possible opportunity. Just a warning!

Most of my evenings are spent watching Star Trek and reading

The rest of my evenings are spent reading Haruki Murakami novels and rearranging all the junk and toys I collect.

In the next few days I will be figuring out what kind of stuff I will be posting on my all new blog. If there is anything you want to see or any questions you have you can bug me by emailing