I am a 27 year old woman (or girl, more accurately) living in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Here are some bullet points about me, because bullet points are easier than forming real sentences.

-I am on Instagram: @igetdressedinthemorning and Twitter: @kategetsdressed

-I manage a vintage store as my full time, real life, actual, grown up job.

-I have set up a pen pal matching service called The Paperchain Pen Pal Club. I need members so get in touch! thepaperchainclub@gmail.com

-I was co-founder and co-editor of Slimeball zine, a free zine dedicated to exploring monthly themes through all forms of creativity. Find it on facebook and twitter. Slimeball has since died down now, but I am working on an amazing new zine called Fat Gal (more information coming soon!)

-I like to make things for myself and my friends, but especially love buying handmade things and supporting my local DIY scene.

-I strongly believe that everyone should be free to express themselves in they way they look without having to put up with abuse or hatred.

-I dress like a kid and I am highly excitable.

-I have a passion for collecting toys and junk, and eating gourmet candy.

-Other interests include, but are not limited to: letter writing, nail art, the theatre, reading, astronomy, video games, reading blogs, storage solutions and vinyl.

-I do NOT like: narrow minded people, homophobes, racists, organised religion, jumping through hoops, chart music, unsalted butter (just WHY?!) and Donald Trump.

-I grew up in Huddersfield and have also lived in Hartlepool (for university), Newcastle (for absolutely no reason at all) and Leeds (where I live now). I studied costume at university and whilst I had a fantastic time, I learnt that I did not want to be a costumier.

-I likes to write things, and I would hopefully one day like to get good enough to somehow make it my job.

-I will happily answer any more questions you may have for me! katerosannejohnson@gmail.com


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